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About Us

Our Approach

“Hope in Love Ministries has served as a catalyst for charitable good, connecting individuals, companies and organizations to needs and philanthropic opportunities across our community and beyond. We work in close partnership with donors, civic leaders and volunteers to help achieve a wide variety of charitable goals and to inspire philanthropy that will benefit generations to come.”

Our Story

Hope in Love Ministries is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that focuses on providing the basic necessities to the homeless population in Dallas and surrounding areas.

We moved to Texas in the summer of 2013 and were amazed at the magnitude of the homeless community in Dallas and the surrounding counties. Through the partnerships of local organizations whom we volunteered under, we saw the need up close and immediately knew that this is where we wanted to serve. Simple things we take for granted like a bottle of water in the hot summer sun, does more than quench the thirst of the homeless person in the street, it lets them know that someone cares and that gives them hope.

For over two years we have been serving the homeless community in Dallas and Hope in Love Ministries was officially registered in the state of Texas April 2015.

Extending Love to Give Hope is our motto, it simply means that extending your love to someone who is at a disadvantage gives them hope that things will get better.

Why we serve

Homeless people are just like you and me and they all want something the rest of us want as well: love and understanding. All human beings have a very basic need for food to sustain, giving the daily energy needed for functioning and survival. Unfortunately, social issues such as neglect, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, addiction, and unexpected traumatic loss and disaster can cause this basic need to go unmet indefinitely. At Hope in Love Ministries we do our part to help meet the basic needs of food to the homeless community. In addition to the feeding programs, we provide care packages that include deodorant, lotion, sunscreen, tissues, toothpaste, toothbrush, wet wipes, band aids, lip balm, razors. In the winter months we have a coats drive to collect warm coats, hats/gloves to distribute during the Thanksgiving outreach.


Our Vision

  • Engage the community to adopt a sense of volunteerism and giving back so that they may continue to help those in need
  • Feed as many homeless individuals as our funding will allow
  • Grow in such abundant numbers that the area’s homeless are properly feed and nourished

Extending our reach and influence into neighboring counties, there by responding to the many needs of the less fortunate




 We devote the time and energy necessary to feed, assist and advocate the less fortunate. No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard  Wonderful, giving people volunteer for us each year and make a difference in the lives of thousands. Volunteer today & be blessed.  Our outreach in Kenya provides support of healthcare through medical camps, food packages, clothing, and programs that lead  to self sufficiency

Kenya Mission

Mercy Ministry

Our ministry in Kenya is in honor of Rosemary Macharia, my mother who started Mercy Ministry in Gichagi, a slum area of Ngong town in Kajiado County that took care of elderly women mostly whom are widowed and have no source of income. She started off by visiting a few women in their homes and realized that they were living in very poor conditions. Their houses are made of cardboard and the flooring is bare ground. She would take food to them and pray with them and at every visit she realized that the women were more than the last visit. Mondays became a day of prayers at the village and they would have tea and bread and every month she gave them food packages.

Due to the AIDS epidemic, the women have been left to take care of their young grandchildren after their mothers died and others left for the city to look for employment.

We have partnered with Mercy Ministry to provide monthly food assistance to the 70 elderly women and their grandchildren who have no source of income. Our packages consist of basic food items like corn flour, cooking oil, sugar, rice, beans, bar soap, and paraffin for their lamps. Every December we have a Christmas party for the women and children and in addition to the food package we buy gifts for all the women and children. Some of the gifts for the women are blankets, sweaters, scarves, bags, and the children get toys or school supplies depending on their ages. There is also a great meal served to everyone and they get to have cake and soda.

Our mission is to aid the women towards self-sufficiency and towards this we started the chicken project where we gave chicken to the women as a seed that will be used to give them the opportunity to make a living. Poultry farming contributes to the overall well-being of the household. Poultry provide a major income-generating activity from the sale of birds and eggs and the occasional consumption provides a valuable source of protein in their diet.

Medical Camps

In December 2015 we partnered with South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) in Kitui to coordinate a 3 day medical camp that brought free medical care closer to the people that do not have access to the facilities and would otherwise not afford the cost of treatment and medications. In the 3 days over 600 patients were seen by the University of Nairobi medical students who had volunteered to serve in the camp.

We continue to look for opportunities to partner with like-minded people and organizations to ensure that no person or community that we can touch is left untouched.

How you can help

Your gifts make it possible for us to provide real help and support to the homeless here in Dallas and also to our ministry to the widows in Kenya. To support a specific outreach please let us know otherwise your donation will go to where it is needed the most.

Donate Online Now, send us an email or call to know how you can help.

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Meet the Team


Jane Nyaga – Founder & President

Jane Nyaga works on the business side of healthcare as a Health Information Management professional and also has extensive experience in office administration and event planning.

She is the Founder and President of Hope in Love Ministries and is also very involved in the affairs of the community she lives in and has received various humanitarian awards.

In Kenya, Hope in Love Ministries supports elderly women and orphaned children. In December 2015, Jane started a poultry farming initiative for the women to be an income-generating activity geared to self-sufficiency

Through her leadership, Hope in Love Ministries has partnered with other organizations to sponsor medical camps. As a native of Kenya, she is actively involved in the affairs of the community in Dallas and across the US.


Lloyd Nyaga – Co-Founder & CFO

Lloyd Nyaga is the co-founder and CFO of Hope in Love Ministries and he is a business man in the transportation industry. Lloyd’s heart and passion is in service to others and believes that there is no one person that is better than the other, we are all equal in the eyes of God.


Mercy Ngungu – Advisory Board Member

Mercy Ngungu is a Program/Project management leader with vast senior management experience. She serves on boards for a number of start-up nonprofit organizations helping founders translate their passion into structures that can deliver to their beneficiaries.

Her International work includes Advisor & Project Leader at World Vision International and Global Programs Project Manager at Habitat for Humanity International where she led program capability reviews in 24 countries.